SpaDES For Dummies

Guide to the SpaDES modelling toolkit in R


Ceres Barros

Future Forest Ecosystems Centre, BC Ministry of Forests, Canada

Department of Forest Resources Management, University of British Columbia, Canada

Département du bois de des sciences de la forêt, Université Laval, Canada

Eliot McIntire

Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada, Canada

Tati Micheletti

University of Dresden, Germany

Alex Chubaty

FOR-CAST Research & Analytics


November 16, 2023



This guide will take you through how to make and link your own modules using SpaDES in two examples. Both examples draw on basic uses of statistical models in ecology, notably the relationships between environmental variables and species abundance and presence.

Chapter 1 is very minimal, and uses only dummy data. It is meant to introduce you to the different components of a SpaDES module.

Chapter 2 uses real and freely available data, and provides a deeper look into several useful aspects of SpaDES, notably caching and spatial data processing.

Full R scripts to execute SpaDES workflow examples can be found in the Appendices section.

To install SpaDES, please have a look at SpaDES installation, or follow steps at the start of Chapter 2.